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Brainstorming in Chengdu This September ---- The Global Automotive Forum 2012

The 3rd Global Automotive Forum (GAF2012),  hosted by CCPIT Automotive Committee and the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, will take place in Chengdu Pride International Convention Center from 6 to 7 September, 2012. By then, industrial elites, distinguished experts and scholars, policy-makers and renowned media professionals across the world will gather again to probe into hotspot issues, trends and development facing the Chinese and global automotive sectors as well as subsequent profound impacts, and give their advice and suggestions accordingly.  



The Global Automotive Forum (GAF), as one of the largest and most important high-level international industry conferences held in China, is taking a leading role among forums of the same kind globally. More than 600 attendees, including industrial elites, distinguished experts and scholars, policy-makers and renowned media professionals took part in 17 themed discussions, roundtable meetings and keynote speeches at the 2nd forum last year. Also at this 2nd forum, 78 attendees delivered speeches, including 44 Chinese participants and 34 foreign guests. Most media extolled this round of forum as a remarkable improvement as compared with the preceding forum in terms of magnitude, topics, forms and activities, climbing to an all-time high at home. Colorful off-the-agenda activities during the forum included televised evening party, photography exhibition and a global automotive media forum, all of which won the attendees’ high acclaim. With 20 million times of search volume on search engines, the Global Automotive Forum ranked No.10 among China’s Top 100 Most Influential Meetings in 2011 released at the 4th China Meetings Industry Convention at the end of 2011. This illustrates, from another aspect, GAF is already among China’s well-established forums. 


Wang Xia, the Executive Chairman of the GAF Organizing Committee and the Chairman of CCPIT Automotive Committee summarizes that Five Consensuses have been reached at the Second GAF after heated discussions and exchanged of views by attendees. First, during the past decade since China acceded to WTO, great changes taking place in Chinese auto sector have already served as a catalyst for industrial transformation under the global context. Second, with the global auto sector standing at a new turning point and the ever-increasing significance of emerging economies, it is an inevitable course for auto industry to shift within the global scope and to emerging economies in particular. Third, it is imperative and extremely urgent for Chinese auto sector to internationalize itself. The fourth consensus is that the major technological innovation in the future auto sector consists of two dimensions and each has its own merits. One is innovation on energy conservation and emission reduction technologies in traditional vehicles by focusing on improving the efficiency of the existing internal-combustion engine and applying the hybrid power technology. Another is to gradually shift to the area of new energy vehicles led by electric vehicles. Fifth, the huge growth potential of the Chinese auto market will bring great chances to the global industry. We should seize the historic opportunity generated by the restructuring of industry pattern and achieve sustainable development by continuous innovation. Wang believes, the five consensuses are imbued with the profound thinking on the current situation of auto industry by industrial elites and will facilitate the sound development in the sector.   



In order to better disseminate the thoughts and ideas springing from the Forum, A Collection of Meeting Minutes of Global Automotive Forum 2011 will soon be published by China Machine Press which collects and summarizes the fruit of the last forum. Problems, challenges and opportunities facing the auto sector are explored from multi-dimensions and by historical and overall approaches in this book. It will give counsel on the sound development of auto society and help readers to understand the development trend in auto sector.


Thanks to the high-profile appearance and constant update of the past two sessions, the Forum has played an irreplaceable role in satisfying the auto sector’s demand on top-level meetings by its global vision and high-end positioning. The upcoming forum will perform even better in magnitude, themes, forms and activities and reach more international audience and better media coverage. On September 6th -7th 2012, the highly-anticipated 3rd Global Automotive Forum (GAF2012) will shine again with glory in Chengdu