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1 Faced with Industrial Integration, Traditional Automobile Enterprises Actively Innovate (2018-06-07)
2 New Kinetic Energy of New Energy Vehicles (2018-06-07)
3 New Strategies for “Going Out” (2018-06-07)
4 GAF2018 Press Release (2018-06-04)
5 GAF2017 News Release 14: Global Automotive Leaders Gather in Chongqing and Discuss the Revolution of Automobiles (2017-06-27)
6 GAF2017 News Release 13: Chinese Automobiles in 2025: Reshaping the Structure to Face Competition (2017-06-12)
7 GAF2017 News Release 12: In the era of low growth, the marketing strategies should focus on differentiation (2017-06-12)
8 GAF2017 News Release:11: Diversified Concepts Breed A Breakthrough in Car Design (2017-06-12)
9 GAF2017 News Release 10: New Technologies are leading the future of the automotive industry – Global tier-one parts suppliers’ top managers discuss on automatic driving (2017-06-12)
10 GAF2017 News Release 07: Fresh Perspectives from EV New Champions (2017-06-09)
11 GAF2017 News Release 08: Auto Dealers: Innovation leads to a Brighter Future (2017-06-08)
12 GAF2017 News Release 09: Right Time, Right place, Right People: Chinese Brands Have a Bright Future (2017-06-08)
13 GAF2017 News Release 04: Made in China 2025: From Workshop of the World to Manufacturing Powerhouse (2017-06-07)
14 GAF2017 News Release 02: Improvement of the International Discourse Right, Obvious Shortage of Self-owned Brands, Increasing Uncertainty (2017-06-07)
15 GAF2017 News Release 01 Without “passing on the corner”, how can the Chinese auto industry take first place in this global race? (2017-06-07)
16 GAF2017 News Release 06: New Energy Vehicles in Transformation (2017-06-07)
17 GAF2017 News Release 03: Transformation: Auto Parts Market Experiencing Profound Changes, How Will the Auto Parts Suppliers Transform? (2017-06-07)
18 GAF2017 News Release 05: The “Belt and Road” Initiative Helps Chinese Automobiles Go Global (2017-06-07)
19 GAF2017 Press Briefing Announcement (2017-06-06)
20 Competition or Cooperation: On Sustainable Development (2016-06-13)
21 High-Level Interactions: How Auto Industry Realizes Transformation and Upgrading (2016-06-09)
22 The 13th Five –Year Plan On Automobiles: Looking at the Roadmap and Finding Direction (2016-06-09)
23 “Internet Plus” Vision: How will it Impact the Auto Industry (2016-06-07)
24 How do Chinese Automobile Enterprises Survive in the Changing Era? (2016-06-07)
25 “Step by Step Improvement” and “Systematization” in the Development Path of Chinese Component Industry (2016-06-07)
26 A close relationship between intelligent transportation systems and smart vehicles (2016-06-07)
27 No Legal Guarantee, No Innovation (2016-06-07)
28 Transition Driving Restructuring, the Tendency of M&A in the Auto Sector Will Sustain. (2016-06-07)
29 Brainstorming in the GAF Talks (2016-06-07)
30 Government Propels Development of New Energy Vehicles, Diversifying Technological Innovations (2016-06-07)
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