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June 4, 2018

GAF Organizing Committee

With the support from Chongqing Municipal People's Government, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and China Machinery Industry Federation, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automotive Committee, China Chamber of International Commerce Automotive Chamber and the Organizing Committee of China Chongqing International Auto Industry Fair, and the co-organizer Automotive Observer, Society of Automotive Engineers of Chongqing and the organizer JFP Holdings, Ltd. are pleased to announce that the Ninth Annual Global Automotive Forum (GAF2018) will be held this June 5-6, 2018 in Chongqing Yuelai International Convention Center.

The Global Automotive Forum has been held in Chongqing for four years in a row. Global industry elites will gather together once again to discuss the current hot topics. The forum was established by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Automobile Industry Committee eight years ago with the mission of discussing the structural changes and challenges of the automotive industry worldwide. The forum is also designed to inform participants of the latest technology, and the economic and social factors that are impacting the industry. Moreover, governments, scholars, media and other organizations from around the world will engage in a dialogue to build a constructive consensus.

The automotive industry is currently in transition from the Traditional Era to the Electric and Intelligence Era. Thus, we have chosen this year’s theme as “Shaping the Future of an Industry in Transition”, aiming to draw a clear map of the changes and emerging trends from the past dozens to years to the future of the automotive industry. This year, the Forum has not only invited guests from the OEMs but also guests across industries, such as IT and Telecommunications to discuss collectively.

This year’s GAF has invited guests of foreign, state-owned, and domestic enterprises in the automotive industry. There are more than 820 attendees, of which one third are from OEMs; one third from Suppliers, Distributors, and automotive-related areas; and the other third from the Chinese and Foreign media. In addition to the domestic guests from China, the registered audience members and media include those from the United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Hongkong, etc.

The 2018 GAF has also attracted attendance from more than 103 media agencies as well as more than 172 journalists. CCTV, China National Radio, Xinhuanet, People's Daily, Chinadaily, China Economic Net and other media, such as television, radio, newspapers, and websites, are all present in Chongqing to report this forum. Professional teams from famous media agencies and platforms will conduct multi-dimensional interviews and reports in various forms such as special topics, live broadcasts, and exclusive interviews, expanding the professional depth and breadth of the media coverage.

There are 15 foreign media from 8 countries attending the forum this year. TV Tokyo, Asahi Shimbun, The Nikkei, Handelsblatt, Kyodo News, Automotive News, Autocar professional, Business India, China Automotive Review (CAR), AutoBeat Daily, just-auto, MOBILE WORLD Magazine, Automotive Manufacturing Solutions, Quarton Media and other media have already officially registered for the event. Their comprehensive reporting will drastically expand the influence of the GAF worldwide.

The 2018 Forum consists of 11 panels and sessions in addition to the Opening Ceremony. Such panels include, “Changing Industry Landscape: Making a Transition from a Traditional Auto Industry to the New Era”; “Vision of Auto Industry in 2030: Strategies and Outlook for Global OEMs, Chinese OEMs, and New Players”; “Open Innovation and Integrated Development”; “New Energy Vehicles: Driving the Next Phase of Growth”; “Charging New Energy Vehicles: Developments in Battery Technology and Charging Infrastructure”; “Going Global: Strategies of Chinese Auto Brands”; “Supplier Perspective: Technology Development, NEV/Smart Cars, and Changes in Supply Chain and Supply Dynamics”; “Autonomous Driving, Smart Cars and Smart Cities: Vision of the Future”; “Banking and Private Equity Perspective Including Investment/Funding Requirements”; “New Mobility Concepts: Impact on Sales and Marketing Strategies and the Future of Auto Dealerships”; and “Auto Design and Styling: How are Electric Cars, Smart Cars, and New Mobility Concepts Changing the Role of Design and Styling?”.

This year’s annual meeting will cover exciting topics and bring together many industry celebrities. Mr. Gao Xiqing, former general manager at China Investment Corporation, will share his insights concerning the general economy with guests in the VIP Dinner the night before the opening ceremony. Leaders of influential automotive companies, such as Mr. Zhu Huarong, the President of Chang’an Automotive Company and Mr. Li Shufu, Chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, along with respectable scholars such as Guo Konghui, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, will join the discussion and share insights into the future of the industry.

This year’s annual meeting coincides with the Chongqing car exhibition. The 20th Chongqing International Auto Industry Fair 2018 will be held June 6th at the Chongqing Yuelai International Expo Center beside the Conference Center. As the third largest auto show by exhibition space in China, this year’s Chongqing auto show occupies an area of 170,000 square meter, the size of 23 football fields. The exhibition area will cover the 8 halls of the Expo Center and the central hall, north square and central square. There are over 110 OEM brands represented, and over 1000 cars on exhibit. In addition, there will be more than 200 newly launched cars from the past 6 months on display, almost 40 of which have never been shown to the public before. As a special exhibit, the “New Energy Vehicle Exhibition Area” will focus on presenting the leading technologies that are powering the new energy vehicle industry. Audience members of the Global Automotive Forum can also easily gain access to the Auto Show with their GAF Identification badge.

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