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Car external and internal design, as well as vehicle styling are all critical to brand personality and brand positioning. In face many kinds of influences, such as the changes in the social economy, population, environment and technology, how can designers balance these factors and come up with the best designs?

On the morning of June 8, the Global automotive forum 2017 was held. In the discussion panel titled, “Vehicle Styling and Design: The Spark of Innovation and Inspiration”, four experts discussed the topic from different perspectives. These experts included, Li Yalan, the deputy director of the design center of Changan Automobile; Morten Warren, the founder and CEO of Native Design Company; Andreas Deufel, the Vice President of Design & Chief Creative Officer, Dongfeng, Sokon, China, as well as Shi Haolian, the Creative Director of Designworks a BMW Group Company, Shanghai branch.


The Trend of Diversification in Auto Design

The design of cars in China has already shown a trend of diversification, said Li Yalan, who pointed out that the design philosophy of the east and the west is completely different. Changan automobile had integrated a lot of concepts of both the east and the west into its car design. He went on to express, "Oriental design philosophy believes that everything is alive. We hope to apply eastern philosophy and art into our design and express the meaning of cars in a different way. The essence of life is continuous evolution, inheritance, growth and breaking through barriers to become perfect." Changan automobile is company that is continuously breaking through.

Morten Warren pointed out that design is no longer a static process, but a process of taking service and digitalization and dynamically integrating them. "Our design is user-centric, and our EOP (corporate coordinating platform) can combine technologies with services and many other things."


Motive Power and User Experience are Equally Important.

Regardless of the shape of the car, when designing a car, it's important to pay attention to designs motive powers and users’ experience.

From the perspective of Morten Warren, design inspiration and innovation are related to each other, and the integration of design and innovation can improve car quality and increase revenue growth. For more than 100 years, the auto industry has been trying to offer better cars, including appearance and performance. “We are cooperating with the car industry, connecting the concrete problems together and integrating the digital data into it to offer the experience that more consumers expect.

Therefore, Morten Warren thinks that in the future, the car design will be more user-centric, the design concept will be based on a more user-friendly interaction needs.

In this regard, Li Yalan also expressed the same view, she pointed out that if we want to break into new designs, we must consider the user experience before the design and regard the user experience as the center, this should be the driving force of the innovative design.

Andreas Deufel also said that if you take the feeling people have when they first like a thing, or a person, and integrate that into the design, it will have unexpectedly good results. In addition, the use of the inspiration from nature and the preferences of consumers, makes the design products lively and interesting. "dull, uninteresting designs will not attract consumers," says Andreas Deufel.

In the view of Shi Haolian, the designer should be looking for a variety of things that may give the designer inspiration. Designers should be skillfully using a variety of elements, and cooperating with engineers at the same time to make beautiful dream designs come true.





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