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In the 2017 Global Automotive Forum held on Chongqing, Vice President of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Deputy General Manager of Geely Automobile Sales Company-Yang Xueliang,QOROS executive vice president of marketing and communications - Ning Zhiyong and Guangzhou Automobile Group Passenger Car Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager- Xiao Yong discussed the current progress and outlook of Chinese brands.



Successful breakthrough into the Fortress

Yang Xueliang expressed, it is high time to develop China’s brands to develop. With the support of government policies, brand power and consumers, the gap between China's brands and the foreign brands is getting smaller, some of The Chinese brand’s high-end products have surpassed the foreign brands.  Based on the global platform, Geely LYNK&CO has made a car that is completely different from Geely and Volvo Cars, Geely’s high-end products brand. This car is which is a product that embodies Geely’s plans of globalization, but also carries Geely’s dreams.


At present, China's auto market is in a low-growth state, it is worth noting that as the market is segmenting, only the excellent car brands will remain.  Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group limited company Xiao Yong expressed, Guangzhou Automobile passenger car is in a period of high-speed growth, The number of Guangzhou Automobile Trumpchi GS4’s sales is 600,000, ranking the second in the car industry; The sales of Guangzhou Automobile Trumpchi GA6 in May reached 3,275, an increase of 221.8%; The sales of Trumpchi GS8 from January to May has exceeded 43,000, which is the first Chinese brand to breakthrough sales of 200,000 RMB in that period. It is reported that Guangzhou Automobile is preparing for research and development center in North America and will enter the North American market no later than 2019. Xiao Yong said that they must make more investment in the cutting-edge technology. Guangzhou Automobile passenger cars strives to lead Chinese brand in the development of areas such as, new energy, smart technology, and internet connectivity, to establish its self as a Chinese brand with a global reputation of making better products.


What Does the Chinese Market Need?

Dose Chinese market need LYNK&CO or QOROS? Ning Shuyong, the executive vice president of QOROS automotive marketing and communications, said that consumer groups change rapidly, car users become increasingly young, and they are no longer particularly concerned about the chassis when purchasing a vehicle. What attract them are internet capabilities and the attractive appearance. After experiencing some difficulties, QOROS has a more profound understanding about the Chinese and international market. Due to this new understanding of its consumers, QOROS, which regards itself as a Chinese brand, claims the R&D of Chinese manufacturing is its character. Additionally, they are trying to enhance the influence of their brand on the basis of satisfying the needs of consumers.

Geely, Guangzhou Automobile and QOROS are the representatives of the Chinese brands, they are also representatives of the, “Moving up Brands”. Although these three brands have both similarities and differences, their aims are the same: To realize the development of Chinese automotive brands, they need to do a better job of creating solid products and carefully segment their consumers, to convince more consumers to accept Chinese brands.

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