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On June 7, 2016, a brainstorming session, titled “China’s ‘Internet Plus’ Vision: How Will it Impact the Auto Industry,” was held at the seventh annual Global Automotive Forum. Panelists, Ma Jun, chief expert of Changan Automotive; Qin Zhi, CEO, Auto Home Inc.; He Yi, vice president of Le Holdings, CEO of  Le Auto Link, chairman of  Le Share; Marco Hecker, Managing Partner, Deloitte China Auto Consulting; and Yang Dehong, Chairman, Hangzhou Miya Information Technology Co., expounded the auto industry’s new form under the vision of Internet Plus.

China’s Internet Plus vision, announced by Premier Li Keqiang in 2015, aims to integrate mobile Internet, cloud computing, and big data into manufacturing and promotes the development of e-commerce. In the automotive industry, “Internet Plus” has the potential to raise efficiency and productivity across all functions and across the value chain. Automobile manufacturers, as well as IT and Internet companies, are making significant investments to meet the challenges and opportunities offered in the plan. Discussion at the session focused on the interaction between IT, Internet and other services providers with automobile manufacturers; changes in the marketing and development of products; and changes brought to every day life by the prospect of an “Internet Plus Car.”

"We have entered the Internet Era 2.0.”  Luo Ming, founder of Beijing Data Power Information Technology Co., said.


New Form of Automobile Products: Internet, Intelligent, New Energy, Sharing

Along with the rapid development of Internet technology, and at the same time, in the face of increasingly fierce global competition, traditional automobile enterprises are faced with enormous challenges in the next round of product development, and in design, sales, and services.

Changan Automotive chief expert, Ma Jun shared Changan's key foci regarding the future of automobile products: Internet, intelligence, new energy, and sharing. Changan already has many partners in a large number of projects involving networking and intelligent driving including Baidu, Huawei, Alibaba, and 360. In addition, they hope to cooperate with other Internet companies to build a car ecosystem alliance, with shared basis and development standard. Changan hopes to learn, work and grow with together with partners in this endeavor and to usilize the big data to effectively improve marketing efficiency

The Internet has deeply penetrated the core of every industry.  The automotive industry and Internet industry are coming together with deeper integration that provides new opportunities for automotive marketing.

As for this, Qin Zhi, CEO of Auto Home Inc., noted the advantage of the Internet as a huge data link. Through making good use of this data efficiency of marketing can be effectively improved, he stressed.

Qin further highlighted that future enterprises will no longer be able to distinguish between the Internet and traditional operations and that all companies will become Internet companies. He stressed that in the future, if every enterprise wants to survive and develop, they will need to improve efficiency through innovation and fusion with Internet companies.


Sharing will be the ultimate form for future traveling.

“Internet Plus” not only influences products and marketing in the automotive industry, but also has great potential to impact people’s daily traveling.

He Yi, vice president of Le Holdings, CEO of Le Auto Link, and chairman of  Le Share, expressed that future automobiles and traveling will head towards the direction of intelligent, environment-friendly methods  as the best choice for people. “The future automotive industry and traveling will be socialized. The future will be an era in which daily traveling will be more intelligent, characterized by people sharing with each other the way they travel, with automobiles being fueled by electricity, and with conventional enterprises shifting to online companies”, He said.

He further noted the popularity of driverless vehicles will certainly expand, satisfying consumers at any time and place, from which we can see that sharing will be the ultimate form of future traveling.

Marco Hecker, Managing Partner, Deloitte China Auto Consulting, have shares a similar opinion with He. “Car sharing will be the fashion which will be applied to every aspect of our daily life, and bring convenience to our daily life”, Hecker said.

Yang Dehong, Chairman, Hangzhou Miya Information Technology Co., expressed his idea, “Depression in the automotive industry will affect the national economy. The Internet is a symbol of efficiency, thus all of us should participate into the reform of automotive industry.”



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