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GAF2015 highlights:

  • Over 800 industry elites from 17 countries and regions attended. Delegations were formed from the United States, Germany and India.
  • 78 distinguished speakers from China and abroad shared their views in 17 sessions. GAF Talks as well as workshop, new ways of sharing views, were newly introduced into the Forum.
  • 8 press conferences, the Industrial 4.0 seminar, dozens of bilateral meetings and factory tours were arranged during the forum period.
  • The number of the media reached to 162 which amplified the coverage from previous years, CCTV acted as In-association-with partner and many experienced senior members in the media industry were first time attendees helping to make the GAF2015 a focus for the auto industry.
  • VIP Reception and Networking Salon to maximize networking experience.

Speakers included:

  • Top executives from key automotive manufacturers (OEMs) from China and countries worldwide.
  • Senior government officials and regulators from home and abroad.
  • Top executives from Chinese and foreign auto parts and operating systems manufacturers.
  • Senior executives from banking and financial institutions.
  • Leading experts on the automotive sector and related issues.
  • Leaders from the specialized and general media outlets from China and abroad.

Documentary of GAF2014